✼ Endotine Browlift
The appearance and the position of the eyebrows change with the aging process. Men typically have the brow positioned at the bony part of the upper eye socket and women typically have the brow position at about 1 cm above the bony part of the eye socket. Brow lift is a surgical procedure to address the descent or downward migration of the eyebrows as one ages. This is commonly seen in the late 30s and early 40s. Youthful appearance diminishes and patients may comment on looking tired and altering the facial expressions. Dr Kahng uses the latest technique with minimally invasive endoscopic approach. This will lift and smooth your forehead. Also, if patients desire to also permanently remove the wrinkles between the brows, the muscle can be treated while doing the endoscopic brow lift.

✼ Face/neck lift
A facelift or rhytidectomy surgery helps to rejuvenate the facial appearance by tightening the muscles(SMAS and platysma) in the face and neck, while removing and repositioning excess skin, fat and deep tissues. Dr Kahng further restores your youthful look by adding fat grafting to give a natural 3-D rejuvenation of your facial features. A facelift expertly performed will make you look your best and reverse some of the effects of gravity and aging. You will see immediately improvements in your chin, jawline and cheeks. Other facial procedures such as blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, brow lift and liposuction can be performed safely while performing a facelift. Do to the extensive detailed nature of the procedure and for patient safety, it is impossible to perform this type of a procedure under local anesthesia only. It is recommended that an anesthesiologist perform either a deep intra venous sedation or general anesthesia. Dr Kahng also offers surgical treatment to permanently treat crow’s feet. Good candidates are patients who used Botox to temporarily treat crow’s feet but want permanent results.

✼ Neck lift
Isolated neck lift only can be performed without a face lift. This is done to improve the central portion of the neck under the chin but does not improve the jawline or jowling.

✼ Midface lift
This is a minimally invasive surgery that corrects the region of the midface. With aging, lines appear in the cheek area called the naso jugal fold and prominence of fatty tissue can appear above the naso labial fold. Surgical correction can be done with multiple modalities such as using the midface endotine device, or using a combination of fat grafting and Accuscult to contour the malar region like using laser lypolysis to treat the bulging area over the NLF.

✼ Stem Cell/Fat grafting
This procedure is done alone or combined with other facial procedures. With aging, certain compartments of the face (upper eyelid, tear trough, temporal, malar, cheek, lips) loses volume. To re establish youthfulness, fat is used along with its stem cell to correct any volume deficiencies.